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Bar or Ball Room: Roxy has it all
Posted by:
Ali Arshad
08th Apr 2015


A night out in Leeds City Centre can be the perfect place to be, with the long list of bars, clubs and restaurants at your service, you can never go a week without having a great time.

For the people who are not really big fans of the load and eccentric atmosphere of clubs but don’t mind having a few drinks and really enjoying themselves, Roxy Ball Room may just be your place.

Located on Boar Lane, outside Trinity, Leeds Centre, Roxy Ball Room isn’t any ordinary bar or lounge. It is home to a pool, beer pong and even ping pong table, where groups can come in numbers to play and have a great time.


Pictures from Roxy Ball Room (Facebook Page)


Come on an off-peak time, between 12pm to 5pm, and enjoy yourself with a cheap half an hour game of ping pong for just £4.50 and why not try improving your pool skills for just £9 an hour.


But if you want to really experience the true fun of Roxy Ball Room, try and come on a Thursday- Saturday night, where the place will be buzzing and the peak prices are still cheap with ping pong for just £6 and pool for just £12 an hour!


Pictures from Roxy Ball Room (Facebook Page)



Pictures from Roxy Ball Room (Facebook Page)


Now what’s a bar without a few drinks on the table or in your hand! Grab yourself a White Russian Cocktail for £6.00 or why not a Margarita for just £6.50!


Pictures from Roxy Ball Room (Facebook Page)


But not all places are perfect, even when the place isn’t crowded; Roxy Ball Room can feel a bit cramped, especially with the ping pong tables being a bit close together, movement maybe an issue, but only in the slightest. I’d also advise you to really spray some strong deodorant and perfume; playing ping pong can get a bit tiring and hot!


But all in all, with great music, from rock to pop, and it’s sociable and friendly atmosphere, Roxy Ball Room is a great place to come and play some pool or ping pong with your mates so grab yourself a drink and get playing! 



Ali Hassan Arshad
Public Relations Assistant

Favourite bar/club: Mint, Leeds
Loves: Eating at fancy places, Sports, Nights Life and Gaming




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