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Gusto Review on Monday Evening
Posted by:
Mario Spiridonov
08th Dec 2015

Me and Romi (my best friend) decided to go for a meal on Monday evening so I did recommend Gusto on Greek Street as I did really enjoyed my last visit, however this time was a bit different.

We decide to turn up without reservations as it was Monday evening so expected to be quiet night for them, which wasn't the case. Obviously the restaurant were short staffed as we arrived at 19.30 in the evening and there were no host or anyone for the next 5 minutes to greet us so we had to stay on the door and wait with another company of 6 or 7 people who were having Christmas Party I assume as they were confused too what was happening. After the wait we were greeted by one of the management team who was happy to sit us down on a table of 4 and the menus were given without being explained to us (probably assuming we have been there before)

The table was set up really nice for a romantic dinner or special occasion.
Setup Style:
White clean table cloth with cover
Side plate
Napkin (not fold the best they could but still looked pretty good)
Fork, Knife
Wine Glass
Salt & Pepper

In the centre of the table there were tea light and Drink Menu
Happy to see that they were having some flyers advertising their ChristmasMenus for corporate parties (really good marketing move)

We were waiting around 15 minutes before a lovely waitress come in to take our drinks order, when my friend (Romi) asked for full bodied red wine to go with red meat (Steak) the waitress was insecure which one to recommend, so she did go safe and recommended the Merlot (she was good at upselling asked us if she would like to make it large). I did order bottle of still water, wanted to see if she would try to upsell large but she didn’t, probably because she was really busy.
We did wait another 15 minutes for the drinks to arrive however my glass was not polished and was full with water marks, and Romi’s Red wine has been all over the glass (not a good sign).
We were ready to order food as I was really hungry and couldn’t wait to mess about with starters so I let Romi to order first which she did go for the

Flattened rump steak £13.95 with garlic, chilli, peppercorn, sea salt, rocket and Grana Padano
She could choose how to be cooked between Pink or Cooked Through. (She went for Cooked Throough)

with Peppercorn Sauce for £1.95 & Side order of Potatoes £3.40

I did go for my favourite meal on the menu

BBQ Chicken £10.75 roast chicken, barbecue sauce and sweet tomato base with mozzarella and pancetta


Baked rosemary focaccia bread £3.75 with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

I did ask the waitress to make sure all the food comes together and we had to wait 40 minutes for our food. Fair enough they were having a busy night around 40 covers or maybe more as there was Christmas Party in the other end of the restaurant and it was only 5 member Front of House and 1 bar staff.

The Steak was cooked really good accordingly to Romi she loved her meal 


However my pizza wasn’t the same as the last time I had

Too crispy and rock hard so I had to eat it with fingers instead of using knife and fork which made me feel a bit embarrassed.

The Pizza Chef was probably trying to save some of the BBQ sauce as there was only little on the actual pizza (See picture below)




The Focaccia was really good for a pre-starter or something to dip

When we finish with everything……..

The front of house team did try to upsell Desserts & Tea and Coffee however …. I asked for the Bill and it came to us with a really nice personal touch saying “Thank you Philippa x” 



Overall: 4/10
Location: 10/10
Service: 8/10 <- Philippa was more than amazing
Food: 5/10
Value: 5/10


Mario Spiridonov

Mario Spiridonov
Managing Director and Founder

Cocktail of choice: White Russian
Favourite bar/club: The AlchemistLeeds
Loves: Shisha, House music and something new

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