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Made in Leeds Festival
Posted by:
Rebecca Lane
01st May 2015

Don’t have the time or money to go to a weekend long festival?

How about a festival that lasts one day, for £30? Made In Leeds Festival is definitely the place to be this summer if you’re looking to see great house DJs and have the ultimate festival experience.


Picture from Jonathan Covell Photography (Facebook Page)


Not only is there 5 circus tents featuring some of the best DJs promoted by the clubs of Leeds, there is also fair rides, street food stalls, fashion boutiques and much more at this local festival!

If you fancy spending a bit extra, you can get your hands on the VIP experience, which includes access to the Tetley building, housing exclusive show put on by 20/20 Vision Recordings, separate bars and luxury toilets - if you’re not that into getting down and dirty with other festival goers!


Picture from Jonathan Covell Photography (Facebook Page)


There are many brilliant DJs representing each club in each tent. Steve Lawler, known for his DJ-ing skills in Ibiza, is playing a set in The Warehouse tent, along side Miguel Campbell. The sound in this tent is ranging from deep house to electronica and is featuring a special guest: Gez Varley from the group LFO that heavily influenced the techno scene in the 90’s! The other DJs being featured on this stage are: Justin Robertson, System 2, Paul Murray, Garry Dabill, Mark Holiday, Steve Luigiand Roy Archer.


The Back to Basics tent also features a few DJs known for epic sets in Ibiza, such as wAFF who is highly praised for his skills in techno music sets. Claude VonStroke is also joining this stage, the well known American house and techno producer. There will be many other fantastic DJs being featured on the Back to Basics stage, as follows: Denney, Laura Jones, James Barnsley,  James Holroyd, Frenchy and Josh Plews.


The Insomnia tent, the DJs famously known for playing at Mission club on Saturday nights for their “Insomnia”night, created by the multi-talented Tom Zanetti. He’s obviously playing a set at the MIL Festival, along with the co-founder of their company, Sleepin’is Cheatin’, is Ko Kane. This tent is to be the “bass-heavy”scene at the festival. Insomnia are also giving the audience a treat by including the Chaos Dolls to perform during the DJ sets, that won’t be a sight to miss! The other DJs performing on this stage: Tough Love, Arun Verone, Tom Garnett, Ryan James, Danny Bond and Jamie Duggan.


The Federation tent is not only bringing some incredible music, but also Pav on percussion, who has preformed sets in Ibiza - which is something different to enjoy, One Love entertainers and Federation’s own dancers. The DJs are as follows: Marc Leaf, Tony Walker, Stuart Robinson, Nik Denton, Greg Myers, Gavin Lampitt and Michael Park.


The final tent to visit if you decide to not go VIP is Fibre, who is also bringing in someone on percussion, the wonderful Romi. Fibre is also featuring an extraordinary group of DJs which you won’t want to miss: Dale Castell, Stuart Robinson, Luke Tibble, Habbo Foxx, Ryan Yates and Tom Frost.


   Picture from Jonathan Covell Photography (Facebook Page)


This inner city dance festival is not something to miss if you love dancing the night (in this case, all day) away and celebrating the best house music around, so you should definitely head down to Tetley Brewery on the 13th of June to let loose. Don’t forget your dancing shoes.



Rebecca Lane
Public Relations Assistant

Cocktail of choice: Cosmopolitan
Favourite bar/club: Red, Guernsey
Loves: Reading, Traveling, Music



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