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Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin
Posted by:
Ivana Gromuk
02nd Apr 2015


The story: Have you ever wanted to start your own company,but never knew how? Karl Mason is the pure example that if you have a good idea,experience is irrelevant in the world of technology and social media.


So what happened? Well it all started with a cute little comment Karl wrote to his wife on Facebook,requesting a gin and tonic when he gets home from work. This simple comment led to his friends posting funny pictures of them having G&Ts  to spite him, so naturally Karl created a group to share the pictures.


The group turned out to be a viral success, with over 10,000 followers in the next 12 months. It wasn’t long before gin companies start knocking on his door with free samples to promote to his audience.


This led to Karl trying the majority of gins available and coming to the conclusion too many of the newly launched gins tasted the same – ‘Could I do better and create a new gin that really is different?’ he thought. He took that thought and set about on the 2nd part of this great journey, which has included national & regional TV, radio & press coverage, as well as a showcase at the British ambassador’s Paris residence.


So does no experience, a passion for a good gin & tonic, and social media make launching your own gin brand easy?


Definitely not, it took a lot of time and hard work, but the end result is Masons Yorkshire Gin, and we think it’s worth it.


Launched on World Gin Day 2013 is got bags of attitude and a real sense of uniqueness. Distilled using the traditional London dry gin method, in a small copper alembic still, Masons Yorkshire Gin is truly a small batch craft gin, with each bottle bearing its own hand written batch and bottle number. A true Yorkshire treasure.


So if you, like us are feeling the summery lust and can’t wait for the Yorkshire Summer, can’t wait to feel the warm wind in your hair as you sip on a nice, ice-cold drink, we have a special treat for you. We’ve gathered our favourite cocktail recipes to get you through the spring and into summer, full steam ahead.


A huge favourite of mine is the simple,refreshing, Ice Cold Gimlet!



Four parts Masons Yorkshire Gin to one part lime juice, chilled throughly and topped off with sparkling water will usually do the trick for me.



But if you’re feeling more adventurous you could mix up a Tom Collins with little to no effort at all. Just add 2 parts lemon to 3 parts Masons Yorkshire Gin and 1 part sugar syrup in a tall glass. Top off with sparkling water and there you have it-

a perfect,delicious Tom Collins.





And for those of you, feeling like you could save the world all the while being the world’s sexiest spy, the Dirty Martini is your drink. Mix 2 parts dry vermouth to 12 parts Masons Yorkshire Gin and a few drops of olive brine. Pouringredients intomixing glass with ice cubes. Stir well. Strain in chilled martini cocktail glass. Garnish with a few olives and enjoy, you sexy motherf***** you! 



Ivana Gromuk
Communications Manager

Cocktail of choice: Manhattan
Favourite bar/club: Wharf Chamber Cooperative Club, Leeds
Loves: Small Animals, Good Food, Feminism



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