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Not an ordinary kitchen: Trinity Kitchen
Posted by:
Ali Arshad
14th Apr 2015

Trinity Kitchen isn’t your ordinary kitchen, with more than 30 bars, cafes and restaurants you’ll find whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a Vietnamese soup at Pho or a glass of champagne at 360 Champagne & Cocktails.



Rola Wala

Rola Wala is an Indian restaurant located and it does exactly what is says on the tin!

‘The man who rolls’, is the meaning of the popular Indian restaurant and it is a fitting phrase given the delicious naan rolls and spicy flavours on offer. Famed for their fusion of cultures ranging from British, Indian and American, their spin on different flavours makes their high quality food mouth watering.

With perfectly spiced fillings balanced with fresh salads, tasty homemade chutneys, why not try the Kashmiri Chicken Tikka or for vegetarians, give the Roasted Mumbai Gobi

All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps, choose between a naan roll or hot bowl, choose a filling and eat!

However, the limited range of food available can be a small issue for those looking to get a full course meal, but that shouldn’t be a cause for concern.  After all it’s quality over quantity. 

Monday to Thursday: 11am- 8pm,

Friday to Saturday: 11am- 9:30pm

Sunday: 11am- 6pm

Picture from Rola Wala (Facebook Page)




Fancy some Vietnamese? Then head on down to Pho, a Vietnamese street food diner which specialises in all things Vietnam!

If you are looking for great value street food with Asian curry, wok fried noodles or Pho soup with amazing tasty and nutritious noodle flavours, then Pho is the perfect place for you.     

Also located on the entrance of Trinity Kitchen, it is the perfect spot for a quick meal after a long day of shopping and with the dim lights and sociable atmosphere; it’s a great place for a romantic meal with your partner.

With a delicious starter such as spring rolls or for main course give a spicy and hot Pho rice and soup a go, with a finishing touch of chocolate truffle for dessert.


Monday to Wednesday: 11:30am- 9pm

Thursday to Saturday: 11:30am- 10pm

Sunday: 11:30am- 7pm


Picture from Pho (Facebook Page)




Chip + Fish


That’s right, I’ve pronounced it correctly, the nations most popular dish, fish and chips, has taken a unique turn with Trinity Kitchens Chip + Fish!

Chip + Fish offers everything you expect in a traditional fish and chip shop,  traditional fish and chips, daily specials including breaded whole-tail scampi, cod and chicken burgers, grilled salmon steaks and more.

With the variety of food Trinity Kitchen shows, it’s great to see that our British roots are still popular and Chip + Fish are making sure that the nations favourite dish will remain that way!

However, waiting times could be a problem and waiting for your buzzer to ring can take almost 20 minutes, I doubt it takes that long to make fish and chips.


Monday to Wednesday: 11am- 9pm

Thursday to Saturday: 11am- 10pm

Sunday: 11am- 7pm


Picture from Chip + Fish (Facebook Page)


Ali Hassan Arshad
Public Relations Assistant

Favourite bar/club: Mint, Leeds
Loves: Eating at fancy places, Sports, Nightlife and Gaming


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