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Phantom Lounge - home to great shisha.
Posted by:
Sinead Morrissey
18th Mar 2015

As a first time shisha smoker you can imagine my anticipation. The experience can be intriguing and Phantom Lounge wasn’t exactly what I expected. Rest assured, the friendly staff are on hand to cater to all your needs (and show you the ropes).


We went at around 18:00 pm, which is when the lounge first opens. This was to accommodate to the first time shisha smokers, which turned out to be just me. Within the hour the place was busy and the glamorous black leather sofas suddenly filled up. According to a shisha expert, it’s best to go early if you’re a newbie (something to do with avoiding a smoke filled room - made sense).


If you’re pretty clueless like I was, you’ll be oblivious to the endless shisha flavours that exist: ranging from Kiwi to Watermelon (sounds strange, I know) there is sure to be something for everyone. After much deliberation and stress from me, I let one member of the staff to choose Raspberry and Vanilla on my behalf. I recommend going safe when it comes to flavours for a newbie, I enjoyed mine but I’m sure it could hugely affect your experience or so I believe.


The sweet flavours made the shisha smoking experience more enjoyable and exciting. I quickly understood the fun and the appeal to the relaxing atmosphere of the lounge. Another point to mention is the dreamy waffles that they served, which ideally complemented the raspberry and vanilla flavour. 
Seriously, get a waffle.


On a whole, Phantom Lounge provides the perfect atmosphere for shisha smoking. Whether it’s a chilled weeknight or a busy Saturday (apparently it’s a popular spot before a night out), the place really comes alive. So, if you’ve never smoked shisha before, Phantom Lounge will make you feel like a comfortable pro and you may even find yourself hogging the pipe (not that I did that…).


Sinead Morrissey
Public Relations Manager

Cocktail of choice: Strawberry daiquiri
Favourite bar/club: Mission, Leeds
Loves: Social media and nights out




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